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August 2019

Upcoming Screening Changes

19th August, 2019

Please be advised that there are two screening changes affecting some of our upcoming screenings, including tonight’s (Monday 19 August) Latin American Film Festival screening. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these changes.


Due to an unexpected technical issue, tonight's Latin American Film Festival screening of the Guatemalan film – WHERE ALL ROADS END – cannot proceed as planned. Fortunately, the Embassy of Guatemala has arranged at short notice for a new film to screen in its place: TREMORS (TEMBLORES).

TREMORS is the second film from award-winning Guatemalan writer-director Jayro Bustamante (IXCANUL), and just premiered to acclaim earlier this year at the 2019 Berlin International Film Festival.

In the film, Pablo (Juan Pablo Olyslager) has a great job and is married to a beautiful, younger wife, mother to his two children. But Pablo is ready to reveal a long-held secret, one which will have intense ramifications: he is in love with another man.


Universal Pictures has decided to no longer release the Octavia Spencer thriller MA in Australian cinemas and, as a result, we are unable to screen it as the scheduled second feature on Friday 27 September. In the absence of any viable alternatives, and the fact that FAST & FURIOUS: HOBBS & SHAW runs for 136 minutes on its own, we have decided not to replace MA with another film.

This means that FAST & FURIOUS: HOBBS & SHAW will be the only film screening on September 27.

PARASITE, BOOKSMART, MIB4 This Week + Film Suggestions Now Open

15th August, 2019

There’s a lot going on this week with some highly-anticipated screenings and the second week of the Latin American Film Festival – plus work has already begun on our first-ever Summer programme to run between October 2019 and February 2020!

Want to help us out? Let us know what films you’re keen to see at the ANU Film Group and we’ll take them into consideration when planning our next season. Simply head over to to submit your suggestions for current releases, up-and-coming films and any classics or timely favourites you’d like to see back on the big screen.


Suit up, study up and suck up at the ANU Film Group this week with films including this year’s Cannes Palme d’Or winner, an alien-themed double on Friday and a hilarious female-led double feature on Saturday.

• THU 15 AUG @ 7:30 PM: PARASITE (MA, 132 mins)

The symbiotic relationship between two Korean families – one rich, one poor – is threatened by greed and prejudice in this Palme d'Or-winning satirical drama from director Bong Joon-ho (THE HOST, SNOWPIERCER).

** Want to win tickets to the upcoming Korean Film Festival screening at Palace Electric from August 22 to 25? We’ll be giving away 10 double passes as lucky door prizes at tonight’s screening of PARASITE! Find out more about the Festival or get your tickets at **

• FRI 16 AUG @ 7:30 PM: MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL (M, 115 mins) + BRIGHTBURN (MA, 90 min)

In MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL, a veteran agent (Chris Hemsworth) and a street-smart new recruit (Tessa Thompson) must track down a stolen alien superweapon and uncover a mole within the organisation.

Then, in BRIGHTBURN (at approx. 9:30 PM), an alien child crash-lands on Earth and is raised by a human family. He eventually discovers that he has superpowers – but decides to use them for evil instead of for good.

• SAT 17 AUG @ 7:30 PM: BOOKSMART (MA, 103 mins) + WILD ROSE (M, 100 mins)

In BOOKSMART, two hard-working students set out to make up for lost time on the eve of their high school graduation by cramming four years of fun into one night in this acclaimed coming-of-age comedy. Directed by Olivia Wilde.

Then, in WILD ROSE (at approx. 9:15 PM), a young Scottish mother recently released from prison decides to leaves her mundane life (and her children) behind to chase her dreams of becoming a country music star in Nashville.



The Latin American Film Festival continues this week with films from Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Panama!

Entry into these screenings is free and open to everyone (no membership required). Weekday screenings commence at 7:30 PM, while Saturday and Sunday screenings will commence at 4 PM.

• SAT 17 AUG @ **4 PM**: QUIJOTES NEGROS (Ecuador, 2016, 80 min)
Fantasy and reality collide in modern-day Ecuador when Don Quixote sets out to find Sancho Panza a wife and ends up kidnapping the Queen and Princess of Spain.

• SUN 18 AUG @ **4 PM**: FALLEN GODS (Cuba, 2008, 93 min)
A university professor finds herself embroiled in the darkest depths of Havana's underworld while on an assignment researching a legendary Cuban pimp.

• MON 19 AUG @ 7:30 PM: WHERE ALL ROADS END (Guatemala, 2004, 85 min)
In the early 20th century, a doctor working in a remote village falls for a young indigenous girl amidst conflict between two warring communities.

• TUE 20 AUG @ 7:30 PM: MARA’AKAME’S DREAM (Mexico, 2016, 90 min)
A young indigenous Huichol boy dreams of playing with his band in Mexico City, but his traditionalist shaman father has other plans for him.

• WED 21 AUG @ 7:30 PM: GRACE & SPLENDOUR (Panama, 2017, 96 min)
In this romantic-comedy, two star-crossed youngsters from rival families fall in love against the elaborate backdrop of Panama's famed Carnival celebrations.

** Please note that the screening order of the films as originally published in our flyer has changed. For the most up-to-date version of the festival programme, please visit either or the festival’s Facebook page at **

Latin American Film Festival Starts This Week

7th August, 2019


The Latin American Film Festival returns to the ANU Film Group this year for its 15th edition, featuring 14 films over 19 days, each presented by a different Latin American country.

Entry into these screenings is free and open to everyone (no membership required). Weekday screenings commence at 7:30 PM, while Saturday and Sunday screenings will commence at 4 PM.

** Please note that the screening order of the films as originally published in our flyer has recently changed. For the most up-to-date version of the festival programme, please visit either or the festival’s Facebook page at **

This week’s LAFF screenings include:

• FRI 9 AUG @ 7:30 PM: LIFE IS A BITCH (Brazil, 107 mins)

In this darkly comic tale of ordinary people pushed to extremes, two old friends brought to desperation by tough times hatch a plan to kidnap a millionaire.

• SAT 10 AUG @ **4 PM**: BROKEN PANTIES (Chile, 101 mins)

On her deathbed, a matriarch confesses to killing her husband 40 years ago, opening old wounds among her four adult daughters in this dark comedy.

• SUN 11 AUG @ **4 PM**: BAD LUCKY GOAT (Colombia, 76 mins)

After accidentally killing a goat with their father's truck, two teenage siblings attempt to put aside their differences and embark on a journey of reconciliation.

Please note that the presentation quality of these screenings may differ from regular ANU Film Group screenings due to the variety of supplied source formats (DVD, Blu-Ray, etc).


In addition to the Latin American Film Festival kicking off on Friday, there are plenty of other films screening as part of our regular programming too, including the culmination of the X-MEN saga, the early years of author J.R.R. Tolkien, and an acclaimed and timely Ukrainian drama.

• WED 7 AUG @ 7:30 PM: DONBASS (M, 122 mins)

Society in the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine begins to crumble in the face of ongoing conflict and propaganda, as told through 13 interconnected stories in this timely and powerful drama. Presented in partnership with the Embassy of Ukraine.

• THU 8 AUG @ 7:30 PM: TOLKIEN (M, 122 mins)

A look at the formative years of Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien (Nicholas Hoult) as he finds friendship and love at school and into the outbreak of WWI – inspiring his literary journey into Middle Earth.

• SAT 10 AUG @ 7:30 PM: X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX (M, 114 mins) + STUBER (MA, 93 mins)

When Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) is hit by a cosmic force that makes her powers highly unstable, it's up to her fellow X-Men to stop her from spiralling out of control. Starring James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult.

Then, in action-comedy STUBER (at approx. 9:30 PM), a vision-impaired cop (Dave Bautista) who has just undergone eye surgery reluctantly hire an Uber driver (Kumail Nanjiani) to drive him around as he tracks down a ruthless killer.


Kambri Parking Update

7th August, 2019

Good news – the Kambri underground carpark is now offering three hours of free parking on weekends!

Beyond the first three hours of free parking, the rate on weekends is now a flat $3 for 3-6 hours or $5 for stays longer than 6 hours. The weekday parking rate unfortunately remains unchanged at a $6 flat rate for entry after 5 PM – but we are hopeful that this will be reduced in the near future too.

The underground carpark operates on a licence plate recognition system. Simply drive in upon arrival and if you’re leaving within your first three hours, you can drive straight to the exit gates, which will scan your licence plate and automatically open. If you have exceeded three hours, you can either make payment at a pay station before collecting your vehicle or at the exit gate using a credit card.

July 2019


30th July, 2019


For the second week of our Spring season, discover a world without The Beatles, an acclaimed Korean mystery, the final days of Shakespeare and the secret life of more pets. Plus, our encore screening of Marvel’s epic conclusion to the Avengers saga.

• TUE 30 JULY @ 7:30 PM: ALL IS TRUE (M, 101 mins)

After the Globe Theatre burns down in 1613, William Shakespeare (Kenneth Branagh) retires to his home in Stratford where he must face his troubled past. Also starring Judi Dench and Ian McKellen. Presented in partnership with the ANU Shakespeare Society.

• THU 1 AUG @ 7:30 PM: BURNING (M, 148 mins)

A writer finds his budding relationship upended by the arrival of a rich playboy with an unusual hobby in this acclaimed South Korean drama/mystery based on a short story by Haruki Murakami. Presented in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea.

• FRI 2 AUG @ 7:30 PM: AVENGERS: ENDGAME (M, 181 mins)

In this encore screening of the newly-crowned biggest film of all time, the surviving Avengers must assemble once more to undo the devastating events of Infinity War and defeat Thanos once and for all, no matter the cost.

• SAT 3 AUG @ **5 PM**: THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 (PG, 86 mins)

In this sequel to the 2016 animated film, Max the dog must find the courage to face all-new challenges and fears after his owner gets married and gives birth to a baby.

• SAT 3 AUG @ 7:30 PM: YESTERDAY (M, 116 mins)

A struggling musician wakes up in an alternate timeline and discovers that he's the only person on Earth who can remember The Beatles and their music. Directed by Danny Boyle.


Trivia Night Tickets Now on Sale

30th July, 2019

Forget about Christmas or your birthday – the best day of the year is coming up on Friday August 30th when the ANU Film Group’s annual trivia night returns for its 14th year!

If you’ve attended one of our trivia nights before, stop reading now and head to where you can get your tickets without further ado.

For everyone else, this is your chance to get in on the best trivia night around with fun question rounds, audio-visual elements, table rounds and many, many, many prizes up for grabs. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth with this three-hour trivia extravaganza – which also happens to be our primary fundraiser of the year, so your support would be greatly appreciated.

The event will be held on Friday 30 August at the Hellenic Club of Canberra in Woden at 7:30 PM with doors opening for entry from 7 PM. Tickets are $20 each – with individuals, small groups or teams/tables of up to 10 welcome.

Find out more about the event, peruse some of this year’s exciting prize sponsors or get your tickets now at

Spring Season Begins + Win Tickets to DANGER CLOSE

24th July, 2019

Just one day to go until our new Spring season begins with our FREE screening of AVENGERS: ENDGAME, which just this week officially overtook AVATAR to become the biggest film of all time!

Doors will open from 7 PM for entry, for a 7:30 PM film start – or until all 305 seats in the cinema are filled, whichever occurs first. Needless to say, this screening will be a busy one and current members may wish to see the film at our members-only screening next week on Friday 2 August instead to avoid the crowds.

The week then continues with a bevy of Australian hits, including a must-see documentary for all ages, and a trippy arthouse sci-fi thriller from French director Claire Denis.

• THU 25 JULY @ 7:30 PM: AVENGERS: ENDGAME (M, 181 min)

The surviving Avengers must assemble once more to undo the devastating events of INFINITY WAR and defeat Thanos once and for all, no matter the cost.

• FRI 26 JULY @ 7:30 PM: TOP END WEDDING (M, 102 min) + CELESTE (M, 106 min)

In TOP END WEDDING, an engaged couple have just ten days to pull off their dream wedding in the Northern Territory, but must first locate the bride-to-be's missing mother in this romantic comedy.

Then, in CELESTE (at approx. 9:15 PM), a widowed opera diva (Radha Mitchell) finds her retirement in Far North Queensland complicated by the arrival of her late husband's adult son.

• SAT 27 JULY @ **5 PM**: 2040 (G, 92 min)

A visual letter from a father to his young daughter showing her what the world could look like if we used technology available today to save the environment. Directed by Damon Gameau (THAT SUGAR FILM).

• SAT 27 JULY @ 7:30 PM: HIGH LIFE (MA, 113 min)

A father (Robert Pattinson) and his daughter are the last survivors of a space mission, and must unravel the mystery of what happened to their crew in this challenging arthouse sci-fi thriller.


Thanks to Transmission Films, we have tickets to give away to DANGER CLOSE: THE BATTLE OF LONG TAN, a new Australian war epic.

In August 1966 in South Vietnam, a company of 108 young and inexperienced Australian and New Zealand soldiers fight to hold off an overwhelming force of over 2,000 soldiers. With casualties mounting, and the enemy amassing for a final assault, each man begins to search for the strength to triumph over an uncertain future.

Starring Travis Fimmel, Luke Bracey and Richard Roxburgh, and directed by Kriv Stenders (RED DOG), the film is in cinemas from August 8. You can view its trailer by CLICKING HERE

To go into the running to win an in-season double pass to see the film in cinemas, all you have to do is email us at with (1) your name, (2) your membership number, and (3) what film on our new Spring programme you’re most looking forward to seeing

Entries will close on Wednesday 31 July at 11:59 PM, with winners to be notified via email and prizes to be collected at ANUFG screenings.

ANU Moon Week Blasts Off Today!

17th July, 2019

The ANU’s five-day celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing blasts off today! Presented in partnership with the ACT Government, Moon Week features a jam-packed series of events from public lectures to tours, talks, films and workshops.

A number of events have already booked out, but there are still spots available for a number of tours, pop-up talks, fireside chats and Space Academy with Australian astronaut Andy Thomas. You can check out the full line-up at

And last but certainly not least, don’t forget that we’re hosting a series of free space-themed films from Thursday to Saturday – including the brand-new, critically-acclaimed documentary APOLLO 11, which recounts the 1969 mission using never-before-seen footage.

Registration is encouraged for these free screenings, and can be done via the Eventbrite links here:

** Please note the varied start times, especially the earlier starts for the afternoon screenings. **

• THU 18 JULY @ 2 PM: WALL-E (G, 98 min)

In Pixar's Oscar-winning 2008 animated masterpiece, a waste-collecting robot named WALL-E spends his days tidying up the abandoned planet, believing that he is the last robot on Earth.


Two young brothers play a mysterious board game that magically teleported into outer space in this 2005 sci-fi adventure (and spiritual sequel to JUMANJI) from director Jon Favreau (Iron Man).

• FRI 19 JULY @ 5 PM: FIRST MAN (M, 141 min)

Ryan Gosling stars as astronaut Neil Armstrong in this acclaimed 2018 biographical drama, as he endures trials and tribulations in the years leading up to the legendary Apollo 11 mission in 1969.

• FRI 19 JULY @ 8:15 PM: APOLLO 11 (G, 93 min)

Head back in time with this 2019 documentary chronicling the Apollo 11 mission using rare archival footage and audio recordings to take you straight into the heart of NASA's most celebrated mission.

Introduced by producer Stephen Slater, who supplied much of the previously unseen footage and recordings of the Apollo 11 mission from his own personal collection for use in the film.

• SAT 20 JULY @ 2:15 PM: APOLLO 11 (ENCORE SCREENING) (G, 93 min)

Head back in time with this 2019 documentary chronicling the Apollo 11 mission using rare archival footage and audio recordings to take you straight into the heart of NASA's most celebrated mission.

Introduced by producer Stephen Slater, who supplied much of the previously unseen footage and recordings of the Apollo 11 mission from his own personal collection for use in the film.

• SAT 20 JULY @ 5 PM: THE DISH (M, 101 min)

Sam Neill stars in this 2000 comedy-drama that takes a semi-fictionalised look at the days before the Apollo 11 space mission, as a team of Australian technicians work alongside NASA to transmit live images of the moon landing around the world.

• SAT 20 JULY @ 7:30 PM: THE MARTIAN (M, 141 min)

In this 2015 box office hit, Matt Damon stars as an astronaut who must find a way to survive on Mars after being left behind by his crew.

ANU Professor Penny King and NASA research scientist Dr Abigail Fraeman will present an extended introduction prior to the screening and chat about their own experiences with Mars.

What's On This Week: ROCKETMAN, DETECTIVE PIKACHU + Upcoming Free Screenings

11th July, 2019

It’s our final week of screenings for our Winter 2019 season – before we blast off for Moon Week next week, take flight with ROCKETMAN on Friday and make sure to catch ‘em all with two monster movies on Saturday!

Don’t forget that memberships for our next Spring programme are now on sale, and that Spring memberships will include entry into this week’s screenings too – along with nearly 50 more films screening between July and September. Check out the full line-up on our website now by CLICKING HERE

You can join up – or renew your membership – in person prior to any screening, or via our website anytime at

• FRI 12 JULY @ 7:30 PM: ROCKETMAN (M, 121 min)

Taron Egerton plays Elton John in this musical fantasy exploring the iconic British singer-songwriter’s life from early beginnings as a child prodigy through to his breakthrough years in the 1970s and 80s.


In a world where humans and Pokémon co-exist, a teenager joins forces with an amnesiac Detective Pikachu to locate his missing father, uncovering a plot that could threaten their entire universe.


When a number of ancient giant monsters rise again and threaten the Earth, members of a mysterious organisation set out to find the legendary Godzilla to help humanity fight back.



Free screenings are a great way to introduce friends, family members, neighbours, workmates or anyone you know to the awesomeness that is the ANU Film Group. And as luck would have it, we’ve got a whole lot of them coming up over the next two weeks, so check out the full details below and spread the word!


Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Moon landing with a series of space-themed films. Full details and registration links can be FOUND HERE

- THU 18 JULY @ 2 PM: WALL-E
- FRI 19 JULY @ 8:15 PM: APOLLO 11
- SAT 20 JULY @ 2:15 PM: APOLLO 11 (ENCORE)

• WEDNESDAY 24 JULY @ 6 PM: 2040

See the hit Australian documentary at this screening organised by the ANU Climate Change Institute, followed by a panel discussion exploring grassroots initiatives to tackle climate change. Registration details are AVAILABLE HERE


Kick off our Spring season with one of the biggest films of all time and the concluding chapter of a Marvel’s epic 22-film saga. No registration required – entry on a first in, best dressed basis. More details at our Facebook event HERE

New Spring 2019 Programme

6th July, 2019

The ANU Film Group’s Spring 2019 season begins on Thursday 25 July with a FREE screening of AVENGERS: ENDGAME and then continues for 10 weeks with a wide assortment of blockbusters, foreign and independent films, family fare and classics.

Check out the new programme now in one of three ways:
• View it on our website by CLICKING HERE
• Download a PDF flyer that you can print out and share by CLICKING HERE (501 Kb)
• Import the entire programme straight into your calendar of choice using this iCAL FILE HERE

Memberships for Spring 2019 on sale NOW and will also give you entry into all of the remaining films on our current Winter programme, including upcoming hits like ROCKETMAN and POKÉMON: DETECTIVE PIKACHU.

Memberships are just $30 for the season or $90 for a full year. Sign up or renew your membership in person at any upcoming screening from tonight, or online anytime at


While we believe every one of the 46 films screening between July 25 and September 28 is worth a look, here are a couple of highlights not to be missed:

• Hollywood Blockbusters: there’s no shortage of popcorn for films like SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME, MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL and FAST & FURIOUS: HOBBS & SHAW

• Family Films: kids can watch for free anytime, so don’t forget to bring your little ones to family-friendly films including TOY STORY 4, THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 and ALADDIN

• Homegrown Hits: support Australian cinema with local films such as 2040, TOP END WEDDING and PALM BEACH

• World Cinema: some of the most acclaimed international films of the year from countries such as South Korea, Germany, France, Ukraine, Palestine and Bulgaria

• Indie Darlings: small but no less worthy independent films you might have missed in cinemas, like HER SMELL, THUNDER ROAD and THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE

• Our blockbuster 14th Annual Trivia Night on Friday 30 August – a trivia extravaganza unlike any other with prizes galore and more fun than you can handle!

• Iconic musical WEST SIDE STORY back on the big screen in commemoration of the Canberra Theatre Centre’s upcoming season of the Broadway production in October

This season, we will also be hosting not one, but two, film festivals featuring another 21 films that will screen alongside our regular programming. All festival screenings are free and open to anyone to attend.

• The 15th Latin American Film Festival (August 9 – 27) with 14 Latin American films over the course of 19 days.

• Canberra’s very first Hungarian Film Festival (September 9 – 15) featuring new release and classic films over 7 consecutive days.