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Poster for The Clan (El Clan)

The Clan (El Clan)

7:30 PM, Thu 27th April, MA, 108 mins

The true story of the Argentinian Puccio clan, a family with a dark secret lurking beneath their seemingly ordinary facade: they earn millions in ransom for the wealthy people they kidnap.

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Poster for Miss Sloane

Miss Sloane

7:30 PM, Fri 28th April, M, 132 mins

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Poster for Southside With You

Southside With You

9:52 PM, Fri 28th April, M, 84 mins

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Poster for T2: Trainspotting

T2: Trainspotting

No Guests
7:00 PM, Sat 29th April, R, 117 mins

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Poster for Life


9:07 PM, Sat 29th April, MA, 104 mins

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