Film Screening 14th December, 2023

Last Film Show (Chhello Show) 

7:30 PM, 14th December, 2023

  • M
  • 112 mins
  • 2021
  • Pan Nalin
  • Bhavin Rabari, Richa Meena, Bhavesh Shrimali, Dipen Raval

In 2010, 9-year-old Samay (Bhavin Rabari) is changed forever when he discovers movies for the first time during a rare family outing to the local Galaxy Cinema. Against his father’s wishes, he returns to the rundown cinema day after day to watch more films, even befriending the Galaxy’s projectionist (Bhavesh Shrimali), who lets him watch movies for free in exchange for his lunchbox. From the projection booth, Samay acquaints himself with the wonders of 35mm film stock and the machinery which makes movie magic happen – just as the art of film projection is about to be made obsolete by the advent of digital.

Last Film Show was India’s Best International Film submission at this year’s Oscars, and you’d be hard pressed to find such an unabashed homage to the (almost extinct) experience of watching 35mm film projection. This is an absolute love letter to the movies, light and life itself.