Film Screening 28th October, 2023

Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken 

5:00 PM, 28th October, 2023

  • PG
  • 91 mins
  • 2023
  • Kirk DeMicco, Faryn Pearl
  • Lana Condor, Toni Collette, Annie Murphy, Jane Fonda

Shy 16-year-old Ruby Gillman (Lana Condor) wants nothing more than to fit in at her seaside high school, but any attempts to hang out with the cool kids at the beach are thwarted by her over-protective mother (Toni Collette). When she breaks her mother’s #1 rule by going into the water, Ruby discovers that she is part of a royal lineage of mythical sea Krakens who have been protecting the oceans of the world from evil, power-hungry mermaids for eons. What’s more, Ruby herself is destined to inherit the throne from her commanding grandmother, the Warrior Queen of the Seven Seas (Jane Fonda). As if being a teenager wasn’t hard enough!

The latest bright, sparkly effort from Dreamworks Animation (Trolls, Shrek) has a bit in common with other recent animated features, but manages to stays afloat thanks to its spirited heroine, beautiful animation and solid moral message.

Jurassic Park 

7:30 PM, 28th October, 2023

  • M
  • 127 mins
  • 1993
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough

Any way you look at it, Jurassic Park was huge: it grossed $1 billion at the box office, won three Oscars, including for its groundbreaking special effects, and spawned a multimedia franchise. Whether you’re seeing it for the first time or again, be sure to join us in celebrating its 30th anniversary the only way a film about dinosaurs should be seen – on the BIG screen!

Wealthy businessman John Hammond (Richard Attenborough), and his team of genetic scientists have created a wildlife park of dinosaurs, brought back from extinction by cloning. He invites a group of experts and his two grandchildren to be the first to visit the island attraction before it opens. But when an act of industrial sabotage leads to the shutdown of the park’s power facilities, the prehistoric creatures break free and everyone at the park soon discover why dinosaurs were once the dominant species on Earth.