Film Screening 23rd September, 2023

About My Father 

5:00 PM, 23rd September, 2023

  • PG
  • 90 mins
  • 2023
  • Laura Terruso
  • Sebastian Maniscalco, Robert De Niro, Leslie Bibb, Kim Cattrall

When Sebastian (Sebastian Maniscalco) is invited by his fiancée, Ellie (Leslie Bibb), to spend the Fourth of July holiday weekend her family, he is encouraged to bring along his father, Salvo (Robert De Niro). Salvo, who is a working class, Italian immigrant hairstylist, couldn’t be more different to Ellie’s very wealthy and very American (read: eccentric) family. And it’s not long before the weekend turns into a massive clash of cultures where secrets are spilled and feathers are ruffled – in some cases, literally, as it pertains to the family’s pet peacock.

About My Father is an honestly funny film that is never mean-spirited, harkening back to a simpler era of comedies like My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Meet the Parents. It also serves as a fitting, semi-biographical showcase for talented stand-up comedian Maniscalco, who you are sure to want to see more of after this.

Dracula: Voyage of the Demeter 

7:30 PM, 23rd September, 2023

  • MA
  • 118 mins
  • 2023
  • André Øvredal
  • Corey Hawkins, Aisling Franciosi, Liam Cunningham, David Dastmalchian

**Please be advised that this film replaces the originally scheduled Force of Nature: The Dry 2, which has had its theatrical release indefinitely delayed due to the ongoing actors and writers strikes in Hollywood**

In 1897, the merchant ship Demeter is chartered to carry private cargo from Carpathia to London, consisting solely of multiple unmarked, large wooden crates. As the journey gets underway, strange events begin to befall the Demeter's crew and they quickly discover that the treacherous ocean voyage is the least of their worries.

Based on a single chilling chapter from Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula, this solidly scary thriller takes it time to crank up the dread and suspense. Packed full of inventive set pieces and gleefully cruel kills, Dracula: Voyage of the Demeter – released elsewhere as The Last Voyage of the Demeter – goes to show that there is still new blood to be drawn from the legendary vampire’s tale.