Film Screening 4th August, 2023

The Flash 

7:30 PM, 4th August, 2023

  • M
  • 144 mins
  • 2023
  • Andy Muschietti
  • Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton, Sasha Calle, Michael Shannon

Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) may possess the power of super-speed, but that hasn’t helped him outrun his destiny. That is, until he inadvertently travels back in time and seizes the opportunity to change the events of the past and save his family. But, as any good time traveller will tell you, rewriting the past will undoubtedly alter the future, and Barry soon finds himself trapped in a reality in which there are no superheroes left. When the vengeful General Zod (Michael Shannon) returns to annihilate humanity, Barry must seek out a retired Batman (Michael Keaton) and free an imprisoned Kryptonian (Sasha Calle) to save the world and reset the timeline.

Worlds collide in this fun and fittingly fast-paced adventure, which notably brings Michael Keaton back more than 30 years since he last stepped into the Batsuit. Expect heart, humour, action and plenty of fun cameos from the history of the DC universe.