Film Screening 8th June, 2023

To Leslie 

7:30 PM, 8th June, 2023

  • M
  • 119 mins
  • 2022
  • Michael Morris
  • Andrea Riseborough, Marc Maron, Allison Janney, Stephen Root

When Texan single mother Leslie (Andrea Riseborough) wins a lottery jackpot, it ends up being a life-changing event for all the wrong reasons. Six years later, she’s broke and homeless, having squandered her winnings on liquor and drugs. After being discovered sleeping outside a local motel, Leslie is offered a second chance by its kindly owner (Marc Maron) in the form of a cleaning job. Will this be the lifeline she needs to turn her life around?

To Leslie is perhaps best known for Riseborough’s unexpected Best Actress nomination at this year’s Oscars – and it’s not hard to see why, with the reliably exceptional actress elevating this affecting indie portrait of the road to recovery