Film Screening 17th February, 2023

The Road Dance 

7:30 PM, 17th February, 2023

  • M
  • 117 mins
  • 2021
  • Richie Adams
  • Hermione Corfield, Morven Christie, Mark Gatiss, Will Fletcher

Bright, young and beautiful Kirsty Macleod (Hermione Corfield) dreams of a better life away from her small Scottish island village. Despite being coveted by all the local men, she only has eyes for Murdo (Will Fletcher). Their planned future takes a dramatic turn when the Great War breaks out and many villagers are conscripted for service, including Murdo. Before they depart, a road dance is held in their honour – and it’s during this event that an act of violence changes Kirsty’s life forever.

Based on John MacKay’s 2002 bestselling novel, this is big, sweeping melodrama made in the classic tradition.