Film Screening 1st September, 2022

Poster for Where the Water Starts

Where the Water Starts 

7:30 PM, 1st September, 2022

  • PG
  • 71 mins
  • 2021
  • Mandy King


Australia’s Snowy Mountains is the birthplace of some of our most iconic rivers, including the Snowy, Murray and Murrumbidgee Rivers – but the delicate alpine ecosystem that supports these vital water sources is being threatened. Its unique and sensitive habitat, as well as the native plants and mammals that live there, have been endangered by feral animals, artificial water flows and climate change.

Where the Water Starts explores the effect that these challenges have had on Aboriginal community leaders, scientists, farmers and more who share a connection to the alpine region, particularly Kosciuszko National Park. It examines our shared histories and identities, and investigates how Aboriginal connection and science can work together for a better future.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion furthering the themes explored in the documentary. We will be joined by:

Richard Swain
Richard is featured heavily in the film, drawing on his own experiences and extensive knowledge of Country. He also works as an indigenous river guide, running his own ecotourism business in Kosciuszko National Park. He has a long history of volunteering on local environmental and community projects and has first-hand understanding of the huge impact feral animals are having on Australia’s natural environment.

Dr Isa Menzies
Dr Menzies is also featured in the film, sharing her expertise on how the horse has been deployed in discourses of national identity and belonging. She completed her PhD at the Australian National University, with her research centring on the horse in Australian culture, from film and literature to its representation in Australian museums and cultural institutions.

Peta Bulling
Peta is an Environmental Scientist, nature and human rights activist, and Law (Honours) student studying at the ANU. She has worked in climate change and renewable energy advocacy; and currently works as a Biodiversity Campaigner for the Conservation Council ACT and in community law reform with GreenLaw. Peta works to marry the spheres of law and ecology to create effective environmental policy and law, and as a Queer, mixed-race person, Peta is devoted to environmental justice and minority representation in environmental policy.