Film Screening 5th May, 2022

Poster for Uncharted


7:30 PM, 5th May, 2022

  • M
  • 116 mins
  • 2022
  • Ruben Fleischer
  • Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Ali, Antonio Banderas

Orphaned brothers Sam and Nathan Drake are caught and separated after attempting to steal a map that could lead to a fabled 16th century treasure. Fifteen years later, Nathan (Tom Holland) is informed by fortune hunter Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) that Sam has vanished while tracking that same treasure and agrees to help him find his brother. What starts off as an attempt to solve one of the world’s oldest mysteries soon becomes a perilous race to reach the $5 billion in treasure before a corrupt billionaire (Antonio Banderas).

The Uncharted video games are widely considered among the greatest ever made, thanks in large part to its globe-trotting, treasure-hunting gameplay that owes a great debt to the screen adventures of one Dr. Indiana Jones. And now we’ve come full circle with Uncharted having been turned into a thrilling film in its own right.