Film Screening 19th June, 2021

Poster for The Truffle Hunters

The Truffle Hunters 

5:00 PM, 19th June, 2021

  • M
  • 84 mins
  • 2020
  • Michael Dweck, Gregory Kershaw

Deep in the forests of Northern Italy resides the most expensive ingredient in the world: the white Alba truffle. A pungent but rarefied mystery, the prized delicacy has to date resisted all of modern science’s efforts at cultivation, and cannot even be found by the most resourceful of modern excavators. The only souls on Earth who know how to dig it up are dwindling group of Italian elders and their expertly-trained canine companions.

Guided by a secret culture (they only hunt truffles at night so as not to leave any clues for others) and training passed down through generations, these men live a simpler, slower way of life from a bygone era. Yet, the demand for the white truffle continues to increase year after year, even as the supply decreases as a result of climate change and deforestation.

A wily, almost absurdist real-life fairy tale, this incredible documentary by filmmakers Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw will take you into a world of magic within nature.