Film Screening 14th September, 2019

Poster for Ophelia


7:30 PM, 14th September, 2019

  • M
  • 106 mins
  • 2018
  • Claire McCarthy
  • Daisy Ridley, Naomi Watts, George MacKay, Clive Owen

Based on the novel by Lisa Klein, Ophelia turns Shakespeare’s Hamlet on its head through a bold and new perspective. Set in medieval-era Denmark and spoken in a modern tongue with a poetic twist, this film provides an opportunity for the titular character to share her own story.

A rebellious and orphaned child, Ophelia (Daisy Ridley) is taken into Elsinore Castle by Queen Gertrude (Naomi Watts) as one of her trusted ladies-in-waiting. Soon, she captures the affections of young Prince Hamlet (George MacKay) and they become involved in a secret romance. During this time, the kingdom approaches the brink of war amidst political intrigue and betrayal. When Hamlet starts to turn mad with vengeance, Ophelia is faced with making an impossible choice between life and love.

Poster for Mystify: Michael Hutchence

Mystify: Michael Hutchence 

9:26 PM, 14th September, 2019

  • M
  • 102 mins
  • 2019
  • Richard Lowenstein

Pulling back the curtain on the man behind the myth, Mystify: Michael Hutchence is an intimate look at the private life of the late INXS frontman, who took his own life in November 1997.

A decade in the making, the documentary is a labour of love for Richard Lowenstein, who directed many music videos for the iconic rock band, as well as 1986’s Hutchence-starring film, Dogs in Space. To tell Hutchence’s story, Lowenstein assembles rare home videos, footage from performances and a wide range of interviews with people who knew him best.

In particular, the film delves into the final years of the singer’s life – including a violent incident that changed him forever and exacerbated his depression – to explain his tragic suicide.