Film Screening 29th August, 2019

Poster for The Night Eats the World (La nuit a dévoré le monde)

The Night Eats the World (La nuit a dévoré le monde) 

7:30 PM, 29th August, 2019

  • MA
  • 94 mins
  • 2018
  • Dominique Rocher
  • Anders Danielsen Lie, Golshifteh Farahani, Denis Lavant, Sigrid Bouaziz

** This film will screen in its French-language version **

After crashing a house party, a young musician wakes the next morning to find that the world has been ravaged by a zombie apocalypse, and that he is the lone survivor. Thinking fast, he barricades himself in a Parisian apartment building and prepares himself to do whatever it takes to survive. Terrified and alone, he wonders how long he can endure the silence – until he finds out he may not be alone after all.

This acclaimed French thriller puts a refreshing new spin on the zombie horror genre by pairing it with an examination of the psychological effects of solitary confinement – George Romero by way of Richard Matheson.