Film Screening 16th May, 2019

Poster for Hellboy


7:30 PM, 16th May, 2019

  • R
  • 121 mins
  • 2019
  • Neil Marshall
  • David Harbour, Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane, Sasha Lane

After two films from director Guillermo del Toro, this 2019 version of Hellboy reboots the big red demon-like demon superhero from Mike Mignola’s iconic comic series in an R-rated adventure that adds mature themes and complicated subjects to its dark fantasy premise.

Hellboy (David Harbour from TV’s Stranger Things) and his allies from the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence are called to the English countryside, where they soon discover an undead ancient sorceress (Milla Jovovich) intent on destroying the world. With a cast including Ian McShane, Thomas Haden Church and Daniel Dae Kim, this is a darker, brutal and more gruesome new take on a fan favourite character.