Film Screening 8th June, 2018

Poster for Thunder and Dust [Q&A EVENT]

Thunder and Dust [Q&A EVENT] 

7:30 PM, 8th June, 2018

  • TBA
  • 94 mins
  • 2017
  • Andrew Moore

Relatively cheap to both organise and participate in, speedway racing is a simple concept: drivers or riders do laps of a short track with a loose surface, usually drifting their way around the corners that make up most of the track. It's quick, exciting and spectators have a great view of the whole track. In the 1970s there were approximately 700 speedways in Australia. Now there are less than 100.

This documentary, from director Andrew Moore, chronicles the storied history of the 500m Sapphire speedway located west of Bega in New South Wales. Built and managed by volunteers for 45 years, it faced one of its biggest challenges in 2011 when a massive flood washed away the track.

Thunder and Dust follows the small, dedicated team of racing fanatics as they try to keep their club running in the face of adversity. Can they find the money and time to rebuild before the Sapphire speedway is gone forever? Join us tonight to find out at one of the first public showings of this independent documentary that has been more than five years in the making.

Matthew Auckett