Film Screening 26th May, 2016

Poster for Crocodile Dundee

Crocodile Dundee 

7:30 PM, 26th May, 2016

  • M
  • 104 mins
  • 1986
  • Peter Faiman
  • John Cornell, Paul Hogan, Ken Shadie
  • Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, David Gulpilil, Steve Rackman

That’s not a film... In the third of our BACK TO THE FILM GROUP series of films celebrating their decennial anniversaries, we head into the Outback to commemorate 30 years of Mick Dundee and his undeniable impact on Australian film culture. Now THAT’S a film!

Originally released in 1986 as an attempt to make a local film that would appeal to American audiences, Crocodile Dundee unexpectedly went on to become a massive box office hit – holding the record for highest-grossing Australian film of all time for nearly 30 years until Mad Max: Fury Road took the crown just last year.

The romantic comedy stars Paul Hogan as Mick ‘Crocodile’ Dundee, a bushman living in Walkabout Creek in the Northern Territory. Mick has achieved something of a legendary status after wrestling with and besting a saltwater crocodile. He lives his life drinking beer with his mates and going on walkabouts in the Territorian bush. This is how Mick Dundee lives his life until a New York reporter by the name of Sue Charlton (Kozlowski) hears of the legend of ‘Crocodile’ Dundee and travels to Walkabout Creek to meet the man himself. Once there, Sue’s fast-paced New Yorker attitude is immediately – and hilariously – at odds with the slow and relaxed lifestyle of the locals.

As expected, Sue and Mick bond in the rugged bush and fall in love, and at the end of her trip, Sue invites Mick back to New York with her. He follows her on his first ever visit to the big city, and eventually finds himself getting into all sorts of trouble with his gregarious and laidback Australian attitude.

Katie Maxwell