Film Screening 16th April, 2016

Poster for Me and My Mates Vs. The Zombie Apocalypse [Q&A EVENT]

Me and My Mates Vs. The Zombie Apocalypse [Q&A EVENT] 

7:00 PM, 16th April, 2016

  • MA
  • 88 mins
  • 2015
  • Declan Shrubb
  • Declan Shrubb
  • Jim Jefferies, Alex Williamson, Greg Fleet, Andy Trieu

Declan Shrubb, the Canberra-based writer/director of history’s very first Oz-zom-com – along with other special guests involved in the making of the film – will be joining us tonight for an audience discussion following our screening of their bloody hilarious film. Don’t miss it!

We are introduced to loveable Aussie moron and telecom tradesman Darryl (played by Adelaidian comedy YouTube star Alex Williamson) as he travels via lawn mower to a telephone exchange to meet up with his co-workers Joel (stand-up comedy sensation Jim Jefferies) and Boss Roy to wait out the zombie apocalypse with sausage rolls, indoor cricket, smokes and beer – where wackiness ensues!

Starting life from the Screen ACT’s Producer’s Pod, Me and My Mates is a Canberran horror-zom-com feature, pulling in well-known Aussie comedians to star in their first feature length movie! Rude, crude and nude, we wait in with these larrikins as they use their (limited) intelligence to come up with a plan to, not exactly save the day, but to try and at least survive this zombie apocalypse the best way they know how. It’s not long until different characters come-a-knockin’, all bringing their own contributions and challenges. Before the night is out, they’re all going to learn just a little more about themselves (maybe?) and each other as they face mounting obstacles to see another day.

Despite myself, I chuckled along with the base humour and, as rough as some scenes might be, the writing is something that stands out here. The local boys and gals did a great job and writer/director Declan Shrubb is sure to go on to bigger and better things from here. A fantastic inaugural work!

Luke McWilliams