Film Screening 31st March, 2016

Poster for Brooklyn


7:30 PM, 31st March, 2016

  • M
  • 112 mins
  • 2015
  • John Crowley
  • Nick Hornby
  • Saoirse Ronan, Domhnall Gleeson, Jim Broadbent, Julie Walters

This screening of Brooklyn is proudly presented by the Embassy of Ireland

It’s 1952 in a small Irish town where we meet the young Eilis Lacey (Ronan). Quickly departing to the city of Brooklyn, New York in search of a better future, Eilis, despite her incredible homesickness, soon settles into her new job and boarding house, and eventually falls for a local Italian lad, Tony (Emory Cohen). That is, until matters in Ireland force Eilis to return and ultimately choose between her two homes and the lives that exist within.

Based on Colm Tóibín’s novel, Brooklyn was shot throughout Ireland and Canada, with Montreal doubling as the eponymous locale. The movie premiered at the 2015 Sundance Festival to critical acclaim and eventually received one of the biggest distribution deals to ever come out of the festival. It currently holds a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 98% for its trouble, and has been nominated for three Oscars, including Best Picture.

Three distinct colour palettes are used throughout the film, signifying the protagonist’s changing psychology as she desperately searches for a home; whether in the safety of what she knows or the bright, uncertain land beyond. Simple as it is gorgeous, Brooklyn deserves every accolade it has earned. It delivers its themes of home and identity in a universal way: like Eilis, we have all been young and gone through the necessary rites of passage to gain independence and a sense of identity by making hard choices – no matter the outcome. 4.5 out of 5 emeralds!

Luke McWilliams