Film Screening 22nd June, 2013

Poster for The Big Wedding

The Big Wedding 

7:00 PM, 22nd June, 2013

  • MA
  • 89 mins
  • 2013
  • Justin Zackham
  • Justin Zackham
  • Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams

An ensemble comedy, The Big Wedding is about a ‘modern’ and slightly dysfunctional family trying to survive a weekend wedding celebration.

At the wedding of their adopted son, divorced couple Don and Ellie Griffin (De Niro and Keaton) are put in the very awkward position of having to pretend to be married again, after the ‘ultra conservative’ biological mother unexpectedly decides to fly halfway across the world to attend. Adding to the discomfort, Ellie must face not only her ex-husband but also his girlfriend (Sarandon), who was once her best friend.

With the whole family and wedding guests looking on, the hoax snowballs out of control and the Griffins are ultimately forced to confront their past, present and future – and hopefully avoid killing each other in the process.

I feel like we have seen this film many times before – The Birdcage, House Sitter, Just Go With It – and a plethora of other films where a couple engage in a fake marriage, lie and cover up supposed dysfunction for the appeasement of others and hilarity ensues. But rarely with this good a cast – Robert De Niro, Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams and Diane Keaton! And that’s just the ‘well established’ members. Also starring popular ‘up-and-comers’ Topher Grace, Katherine Heigl and Amanda Seyfried.

I’m not sure that I care if the story is clichéd – I think it’s worth a look simply for them.

Elyshia Hopkinson