Film Screening 26th July, 2011

Poster for Get Low

Get Low 

8:00 PM, 26th July, 2011

  • M
  • 103 mins
  • 2009
  • Aaron Schneider
  • Chris Provenzano,  C. Gaby Mitchell
  • Robert Duvall,  Bill Murray, Sissy Spacek

Set in rural America in the early 1930s, Get Low begins with Felix Bush (Duvall) hearing that someone he knew many years ago has passed away. He knows his time is nearly up too, and after four decades of self-imposed seclusion, hidden away in his log cabin, he has become nothing more than a mysterious and scary hermit to the nearby townsfolk. What stories will they tell after he is gone? What will they say about him at his funeral? The solution? Find out by holding his own ‘funeral party’, with just one catch: Felix won’t be dead; he’ll be in attendance too.

He enlists Frank Quinn (Murray), the wily local funeral home director, and his assistant Buddy (Lucas Black) to pull off this endeavour. Their biggest obstacle, however, is first getting people to attend the party of a crazy hermit. To accomplish this, he’ll need more than just a haircut and a new suit to draw in the crowds. Will the event go ahead as planned? Will anyone show up? Will this be the party of a lifetime?

Get Low is an eccentric and mysterious yet heart-warming film about life, love and redemption. Every member of the perfectly assembled ensemble cast – which includes Spacek as a widow from Felix’s past – really shines, and draws you into the tall tale as its secrets slowly unfold. In the end though, the only mystery you’ll be left with is trying to decide whether Murray’s superbly understated performance as the undertaker outshines Duvall’s take on the mysterious hermit.

David Richardson