Film Screening 27th October, 2009

Poster for A Complete History of My Sexual Failures

A Complete History of My Sexual Failures 

8:00 PM, 27th October, 2009

  • R
  • 94 mins
  • Unknown
  • Chris Waitt
  • Ashley Bradnam, Janice Bradnam, Terry McCann
  • Bruce Spence, Gary Sweet, Brooke Satchwell, Ashley Bradnam

If you thought Morgan Spurlock took himself to extremes in Super Size Me, then wait until you see this movie! And I'm not referring to physical extremes (although there are some scenes that are excruciating to watch, but also piss-funny at the same time), but more emotional extremes. The film is a doco where the main guy, Chris Waitt, (who is also director) tries to analyse why he's unsuccessful in relationships. He decides to do this by contacting all his ex-girlfriends, trying to get an interview with them on-screen.

At this stage, you may be thinking that this guy is a dick, so let me reassure you... he is. And I don't know how much of this film is set up, but the whole feel is one of narcissism. But, despite this, it is a really entertaining, hilarious and even touching film, that takes you places you don't expect to go. Even the scenes that really feel horrible at the time of watching (the Viagra sequence is the one that comes to mind) do actually make some sense later on. (Although he still is a dick.)

This is one of those films that I know not everyone will love as much as I do, but give it a try, because I think everyone will get something out of it ((ndash)) a laugh, a tear, even just the pleasure of hating the guy. But for me, this is one of the funniest films I've seen in the past year!

Travis Cragg