Film Screening 10th October, 2009

Poster for Ice Age: Dawn of  the Dinosaurs

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 

6:00 PM, 10th October, 2009
No Guests

  • PG
  • 94 mins
  • Unknown
  • Carlos Saldanha, Mike Thurmeier
  • Philippe Guez, Lorraine Levy
  • Ray Romano, Denis Leary, John Leguizamo, Simon Pegg, Queen Latifah

Brrr... It's cold in here. Maybe that's because there's an Ice Age on! Yet this time around there are dinosaurs involved!

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs picks up where the second film left off, following Manny (Romano) the over-anxious woolly mammoth, Sid (Leguizamo) the naïve and playful sloth, and Diego (Leary) the no-longer ferocious sabre-toothed tiger, through their ever-changing lives.

While Manny frantically prepares for the arrival of his baby with his recently acquired mastodon-mate Ellie, Diego decides that he is sick of being treated like a house-cat and begins to ponder the thought that he is becoming too laid-back. Meanwhile, Sid becomes envious of Manny's soon to be parenthood, and decides to steal some dinosaur eggs in order to create his own family. Of course this action has its repercussions, and Sid ends up on the run from dinosaur dangers left and right.

Along the way we are treated with snippets of Scrat the sabre-toothed squirrel's never-ending quest for his treasured acorn, as well as being introduced to his new-found female friend and a whole range of other new characters.

Although at times predictable, Ice Age 3 is very well animated, as well as plain good fun and easy viewing for people of all ages. So pack your blankets and scarves because there's no reason not to come out and get chilly with Ice Age 3!

Peter Szydlik

Poster for Minority Report

Minority Report 

8:00 PM, 10th October, 2009

  • M
  • 147 mins
  • Unknown
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Scott Frank, Jon Cohen
  • Tom Cruise, Max von Sydow, Colin Farrell, Steve Harris, Samantha Morton, Neal McDonough

Minority Report is an action flick starring Tom Cruise. Although that sentence alone should be enough to make up your mind, apparently some people claim I need to actually tell you something about the movie.

It's the year 2054 and murder has been virtually eliminated. A group of psychics forming the special police "pre-crime" unit predict murders before they happen. The not-yet-but-soon-to-be murderer is then arrested and the crime is prevented ((ndash)) the perfect system. Possibly the hardest working officer in the unit is its chief, John Anderton (Cruise), having lost his son six years ago in a murder.

One day, however, the next prediction has Anderton as the murderer of someone he doesn't know, in just 36 hours time. Now with officers from his own unit chasing him, John attempts to prove his innocence.

This is an awesome sci-fi film where you can pick between using your brain and thinking about the questions it raises, or just veg out and enjoy the action. Either way it's a film not to miss, especially if you've never seen it on the big screen.

Andrew Wellington