Film Screening 8th August, 2009

Poster for Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian 

8:00 PM, 8th August, 2009

  • PG
  • 105 mins
  • Unknown
  • Shawn Levy
  • Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon
  • Ben Stiller, Amy Adams, Owen Wilson, Hank Azaria, Robin Williams

An assortment of museum exhibits that come to life when the museum is closed made for great fun in Night at the Museum. Where there's fun, and a bit of box office success, there must be a sequel, and that's right where Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian comes in.

This time around we're at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, and one of the less well known Egyptian pharaohs enlists a group of history's henchmen including Napoleon, Al Capone and Ivan the Terrible to help take over the world. Once again Larry Daley (Stiller) is left to save the day, this time with a bit of help from Amelia Earhart, Atilla the Hun and General Custer.

With a cast including Ben Stiller, Amy Adams, Owen Wilson, Robin Williams and Ricky Gervais there's a lot going for this film. With a big heaping of silly humour for kids, as well as an onslaught of in jokes for the adults, this is a movie everyone is sure to enjoy.

Andrew Wellington

Poster for Brazil


10:00 PM, 8th August, 2009

  • M
  • 140 mins
  • Unknown
  • Terry Gilliam
  • Terry Gilliam, Tom Stoppard, Charles McKeown
  • Jonathan Pryce, Kim Greist, Michael Palin, Robert De Niro

From the demented minds of ex-Monty Python animator Terry Gilliam and acclaimed playwright Tom Stoppard, Brazil is the tale of a young civil servant named Sam Lowry (Pryce), who gets caught up in the cogs of bureaucracy when he discovers that a bug in the system (literally) has caused a warrant to be issued for the arrest of a man named "Buttle" instead of a terrorist named "Tuttle". Sam wades through layers of counterproductive government regulation to rectify the mistake only to get caught up with the real Tuttle (De Niro), who is on a crusade to demolish the overcomplicated Orwellian society. Along the way, Sam has a fleeting encounter with the girl of his dreams, the very dreams that are slowly creeping into his perception of reality. The dreams in which he escapes to Brazil...

Brazil is the quintessential Terry Gilliam movie, striking a perfect balance between surreal, absurd humour, political commentary and science fiction. It is a movie that opens itself up more and more with every viewing (and not just because there are so many cuts of the movie!). It is also a movie whose parody of Government seems more and more fitting as the years wear on. Brazil is essential viewing.

James Cole