Film Screening 23rd July, 2009

Poster for Defiance


8:00 PM, 23rd July, 2009

  • M
  • 136 mins
  • Unknown
  • Edward Zwick
  • Clayton Frohman, Edward Zwick
  • Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber, Jamie Bell,

Inspiring story of real-life Russian Jewish brothers Tuvia and Zus Bielski (Craig and Schreiber), who led several hundred Jewish people into the Byelorussian forests in WW2 to escape the Nazi pogrom, where they form an uneasy alliance with 'official' (communist) Russian Partisans in conducting a guerrilla war against invading Wehrmacht forces. The drama of this remarkable story is reinforced by the fact that virtually all of the escapees have lost close family members to the Nazi executioners and know that they will receive no quarter if captured. Excellent production values and attention to detail are well evident in this, another of director Zwick's examinations of courage and what motivates it (as in Courage Under Fire, The Last Samurai, and the exceptional Glory). Zwick has been criticised by some for his prosaic handling of the story, by ((ndash)) as allegedly in his other films ((ndash)) overly focusing on the epic rather than human aspects. However the film serves well as a memorial to the brave individuals under the lens and contains an epilogue informing the viewer of the fate of the principal real characters. Worthwhile.

Bob Warn