Film Screening 21st October, 2006

Poster for You, Me and Dupree

You, Me and Dupree 

8:00 PM, 21st October, 2006
No Guests

  • M
  • 109 mins
  • 2006
  • Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
  • Mike LeSieur
  • Owen Wilson, Matt Dillon, Kate Hudson, Michael Douglas

Carl and Molly Peterson (Dillon and Hudson) are starting their life together following their perfect wedding and honeymoon. They have a cute house, boring neighbours, stable jobs, and everything is as it should be. Unfortunately things arent going so great for Randy Dupree (Wilson), Carl's best man and oldest friend, whose life has entered a bit of a tailspin. He has lost his job, his car, his 10-speed bike and he has nowhere to live. In steps Carl who, like any best friend would, invites Dupree to temporarily crash on his couch. At first, Carl is quite pleased to have his good buddy as a permanent couch guest, but as Dupree starts to settle in... and I mean really settle in, Carl's opinion starts to change. Dupree proceeds to light their house on fire, make interesting use of their wedding presents and generally overstay his welcome. But while Carl might have changed his mind, everyone else seems to be falling for Dupree's carefree wisdom and charm. Wilson seems most comfortable in a comedy duo or ensemble and this is certainly the case in this film in his role as the laidback, loveable (as long as you don't have to live with him) Dupree. The trio of Dillon, Hudson and Wilson really works and together they create some really funny moments. Ready for a laugh? Then come along and enjoy!

Poster for My Summer of Love

My Summer of Love 

10:00 PM, 21st October, 2006

  • MA
  • 87 mins
  • 2004
  • Pawel Pawlikowski
  • Pawel Pawlikowski, Michael Wynne
  • Nathalie Press, Emily Blunt, Paddy Considine, Dean Andrews

Mona (Press) lives in a quiet Yorkshire village with her brother Phil (Considine), a born-again Christian. Tamsin (Blunt) is from a rich family and is spending the summer in her parents house near the village. These two girls from different worlds (Saint Saens and Edith Piaf vs. cheap moped and living in a pub) are about to spend one of those summers together that they will remember well into their adult lives.Director Pawel Pawlikowski has taken a familiar cinematic genre (the summer holiday movie) and injected it with emotion and sensuality to come up with a movie that deservedly won the 2005 BAFTA Outstanding British Film of the Year Award (beating high quality nominees like Vera Drake and Shaun of the Dead). The two leads are magnificent and, hopefully, we will see a lot more of them in the future. Considine is also solid (although ever since I saw him in his debut film, A Room for Romeo Brass, I'm always tensely waiting for his characters to go over the edge!).If you've ever fallen in love briefly over a summer break, then chances are you will find something to connect with in My Summer of Love.