Film Screening 12th October, 2006

Poster for Tsotsi


8:00 PM, 12th October, 2006
No Guests

  • M
  • 94 mins
  • 2005
  • Gavin Hood
  • Gavin Hood
  • Presley Chweneyagae, Terry Pheto, Mothusi Magano, Israel Makoe

Tsotsi means "thug" and it aptly describes the lead character in this film (whose nickname it is). Tsotsi is a street criminal with little in the way of basic human principles - one of the first crimes we see him commit almost comes out of nowhere. After a car-jacking however, Tsotsi finds himself with a very young baby, and must confront his past and current lifestyle as a conscience slowly starts to reveal itself.Tsotsi won the Best Foreign Picture Oscar this year. In my opinion it was undeserved - I felt fellow nominees Paradise Now, Joyeux No´┐Żl and Sophie Scholl - The Final Days were all of better quality. However, this doesnt mean you won't get anything out of Tsotsi. In fact, it is probably the most accessible of the four movies mentioned, as it does follow a standard movie formula - criminal finds redemption through caring for others (in this case an infant). There are quite a few clich((eacute))s in this movie, but it is still solidly directed and acted and engages you with its story.Tsotsi reminds me a bit of City of God from a few years back - a flawed movie, but one that shows us a director to watch. If Gavin Hood can give us a second project as good as The Constant Gardener, then it will all be good. Check Tsotsi out for yourself.