Film Screening 30th September, 2006

Poster for Jindabyne


8:00 PM, 30th September, 2006

  • M
  • 120 mins
  • 2006
  • Ray Lawrence
  • Beatrix Christian
  • Gabriel Byrne, Laura Linney, Deborra-Lee Furness, John Howard

What would you do?You are an overworked mechanic looking forward to the weekend and getting out to your favourite spot with a couple of your mates to match wits with wily, elusive trout in a lonely isolated mountain stream. Early on in your trip, after setting up camp, you come across the lifeless, naked body of a young Aboriginal woman in the stream. You have to make a choice. Do you immediately haul ass, hike back to your car, drive into town (or within mobile distance) and let the authorities know of your grisly find? Or, do you continue with your much looked forward to trip away fishing, notifying a few days later once your esky is brimful of fish?Jindabyne is about the consequences of doing the latter and how it can change your life forever.Stuart (Byrne) is the overworked mechanic and it is his wife, Claire (Linney), who has serious concerns over her husbands actions and makes the redemptive journey to lay the dead girl to rest.Great cinematography (how could you go wrong around Jindabyne?) and a good story make for an enjoyable experience.Keep your eye on the menacing 4WD of the murderer that keeps popping up right through the movie. You will hate them even more after this!

Poster for The Ox-Bow Incident

The Ox-Bow Incident 

10:00 PM, 30th September, 2006

  • PG
  • 76 mins
  • 1943
  • William A. Wellman
  • Lamar Trotti
  • Henry Fonda, Dana Andrews, Mary Beth Hughes, Anthony Quinn

Before Henry Fonda appeared in 12 Angry Men, a powerful indictment of the perversion of justice under the jury system, he starred in The Ox-Bow Incident, a bleak and relentless examination of lynch mob violence. Set in Nevada in 1885, two men (Henry Fonda and Harry Morgan) drift into town and stop at a saloon. Shortly afterwards, a rumour spreads that rustlers have killed a local rancher. While the sheriff is out of town, the enraged townsfolk organise a lynch mob, which they call a posse, to find the rustlers and mete out swift justice as they believe that the judicial system is too lenient and allows murderers to be released. A few characters attempt to resist the mobs quest for revenge but are countered by forceful personalities who whip the mob into a frenzy. Based on the best-selling book by Walter Van Tilburg Clark, this is a powerful plea for the rule of law as the basis of civilisation.

Tony Fidanza