Film Screening 2nd August, 2006

Poster for Mad Max 2

Mad Max 2 

8:00 PM, 2nd August, 2006

  • MA
  • 91 mins
  • 1981
  • George Miller
  • Terry Hayes, George Miller, Brian Hannant
  • Mel Gibson, Bruce Spence, Michael Preston, Emil Minty, Virginia Hey

In a futuristic post-apocalyptic wasteland (otherwise known as the Australian outback), petrol supplies are limited (hmmm sounds very familiar) and gangs fight it out on the roads. Max Rockatansky (aka The Road Warrior) travels the roads in a souped-up V8 Interceptor, just trying to survive one petrol filled tank moment at a time. When he discovers a large outpost in the desert - rich with petrol reserves but under daily siege from a nomadic gang led by the masked Humungus - he sets about trying to get hold of some of this precious reserve. With its car chase scenes still as raw and gripping as those of todays 'Vin Diesel charged' action, this movie is part of our heritage (when we were proud to call Mel Gibson ours!) as well as a masterpiece in its own right. With costumes that rival X-men's 'mutants', with visionary power and characters that have our aussie humour, what else would you want to do on a Wednesday night?

Jessica Floosemberg